Chef Andy Mcleod – Chef

Andy Mcleod was born in Greenville, sc and spent most of his life in Seneca, Sc. After studying at Winthrop College, he moved to Charleston in 2006. He began his culinary career at Sermet’s Corner, now Sermet’s in downtown Charleston. For the next decade, Andy gained experience on both sides of the pass. After a 4 year stint with the Indigo Road Group, Mcleod became the Chef de Cuisine at Indaco. He made the move to The Lot in September 2015 and is excited to be a part of the progressive community centered around local food and live music.

Kyle Wilkins – Sous chef

Kyle discovered his love of cooking as a child through his parents. His mother would cook nightly dinners and his father would bring him to work as he managed campus dining halls at various universities. Wilkins split his time between Nashville and St.Louis. He found his way to Charleston in 2008 when he came to study at Charleston Southern University. Soon after, he realized that his passion was in cooking and began gaining experience at High Cotton. A year later he left to join the team at Edmund’s Oast. In the two years he was Edmund’s Oast, he developed a passion for and knowledge of charcuterie which he has brought over to The Lot.

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