Steamship Dinner

The Lot is excited to announce a Steamship* dinner on Nov. 3 featuring Chefs Andy Mcleod and Blair Machado. They will be roasting one of the hindquarters of our Keegan-Filion sourced cows over a cowboy cauldron. Tickets are $30 and will include sides. The event will take place from 5:30-9 and you can purchase tickets at . Come join us for a riverland terrace neighborhood cookout! Should be a good one!


We will also be offering $5 off at the door for the Southern Belles + Grant Farm + Groove Orient show that night w/ purchase of Steamship Dinner tickets.

* “Steam-ship” round- This monster gets it’s name because they used to roast 1 to feed hundreds of passengers and crew on Trans-Atlantic steam ships back-in-the-day. This MASSIVE piece of meat contains cuts such as the round, sirloin, part of the strip, ox-tails, shanks and several other smaller cuts.

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